Today I got into a very strange warning from VMM 2008 R2 SP1. And before of that I could not connect the network adapter in a VMM Guest to my internal network, it was greyed out.

Warning (13921)
Highly available virtual machine SCCM_Client_Test is not supported by VMM because one or more of its network adapters is not configured correctly.

Recommended Action
Ensure that all of the virtual network adapters are either disconnected or connected to highly available virtual networks.


I mean that was strange, because we had correctly set up a Microsoft Cluster. I was checking in VMM the Settings of our Cluster and it was empty.


So the solution was only to check the Hyper-V Network Configuration Settings on every Cluster node. One of my stuff forgot to change the network name of the virtual switch to the same like the others. After changing it to the correct one and refreshing the “problem” host, the warning disapeared.

Hopefully that solves some problem.