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SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package

I setup a new protected distribution point for a remote site and everything seems fine, till I tried to distribute a package to that DP, putting the SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER status to critical with the  two following error messages:

    1. Failed to create virtual directory on the defined share or volume on distribution point
      Message ID 2344
    2. SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package
      Message ID 2342

The first error message told me, that the IIS base components needed to be installed, what I’ve done already before installing the DP.

But also necessary are the facts, that the “IIS 6 WMI Compatibility” must installed to get it working. And that “WebDAV server extension” is necessary for clients to get BITS support for this DP.

Two error messages in the distmgr.log showed me the way to the solution above:

    1. CWmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. – 0x800706ba
    2. CWmi::Connect() failed to connect to \\%hostname%\root\MicrosoftIISv2. error = The RPC server is unavailable

Last weekend we set up a cluster with seven Hyper-V servers and everything looked fine, but today some of our virtual machines in the cluster stopped without any cluster error message. After restarting them, they ran for a short period and stopped again.


So we looked in the Windows System Event log on the cluster owner and saw the following message:

Cluster Agent: The cluster resource Virtual Machine %hostname% has become degraded.


A google search led us to the HP SNMP TRAP documentation:

NT Event ID: 1167 (Hex)0x8435048f (cpqhsmsg.dll)
Log Severity: Warning (2)
Log Message: The cluster resource %4 has become degraded.
SNMP Trap: cpqClusterResourceDegraded – 15005 in CPQCLUS.MIB
Symptom: This trap is sent any time the condition of a cluster resource becomes degraded.

User Action: Make a note of the cluster resource name, and then check the resource for the cause of the degraded condition.
Supporting SNMP Trap Data:
• sysName
• cpqHoTrapFlags
• cpqClusterResourceName

Supporting SNMP Trap Description: “Cluster resource [cpqClusterResourceName] has become degraded.”


So we checked the resources (in our case the server) and saw, that the stopped machines ran out of the grace-period and needed a Windows Activation.

Solution: Activate the Machines again and be happy 🙂

It is interesting to note, that 18.6% uses Microsoft hypervisors Hyper-V in the second quartor in 2011.





Please see the recent quarter report at the orig. site Interesting is also the virtualization penetration rate with 39.4% which will of course increasing in the following years.

Hopefully we will see Microsoft Hyper-V increasing in the future Zwinkerndes Smiley.

Windows 8 mit neuer Hyper-V Version & VHDX

Im Urlaub habe ich die neuen vorläufigen Funktionen unter Windows 8 bei einem ersten Build 7989 angesehen. Positiv ist mir gleich die Hyper-V Funktion direkt unter Windows 8 aufgefallen. Das begrüße ich sehr. Dann heißt es wohl tschüss mit ü Virtual PC und eine herzliche Begrüßung


Die VHDX Platten mit bis 16 TB finde ich auch eine echt starke Leistung, da es endlich die Notwendigkeiten der Plattengröße von mitteständischen Betrieben anspricht von Fileservern, etc. Also schon mal aus diesem Grund sind das mal echt gute Neuigkeiten über Windows 8.

Grüße aus Ungarn.