Last weekend we set up a cluster with seven Hyper-V servers and everything looked fine, but today some of our virtual machines in the cluster stopped without any cluster error message. After restarting them, they ran for a short period and stopped again.


So we looked in the Windows System Event log on the cluster owner and saw the following message:

Cluster Agent: The cluster resource Virtual Machine %hostname% has become degraded.


A google search led us to the HP SNMP TRAP documentation:

NT Event ID: 1167 (Hex)0x8435048f (cpqhsmsg.dll)
Log Severity: Warning (2)
Log Message: The cluster resource %4 has become degraded.
SNMP Trap: cpqClusterResourceDegraded – 15005 in CPQCLUS.MIB
Symptom: This trap is sent any time the condition of a cluster resource becomes degraded.

User Action: Make a note of the cluster resource name, and then check the resource for the cause of the degraded condition.
Supporting SNMP Trap Data:
• sysName
• cpqHoTrapFlags
• cpqClusterResourceName

Supporting SNMP Trap Description: “Cluster resource [cpqClusterResourceName] has become degraded.”


So we checked the resources (in our case the server) and saw, that the stopped machines ran out of the grace-period and needed a Windows Activation.

Solution: Activate the Machines again and be happy 🙂