Normally everybody would think, that is no problem and is working just fine and fast, but I needed  2 hours at all.

The requirement was “just”:

  • Creating a new array with 4x300GB SAS Drives
  • Creating the logical drives in Hyper-V R2 Server
  • Installing HP System Management (was not really a requierement, I was thought that I would be faster)

I was doing the following in that order to achive my goal. I started every setup from the command line from the Hyper-V R2 server.

I wanted to connect with Server Manager from my Windows 7 Enterprise machine to the Hyper-V R2 Server, which was working fine, but the Device Manager was not working, because I got all the time Access is denied.


To solve that problem, just follow the following blod entry. Enabling Remote Access to Device Manager on Server Core 

If you are done then you have to Install the newest driver to the HP ML 350 G5. Example:



Installing also the System Management Software like the step before.

What I did next is to install the HP Smart Array Configuration Tool, also from the cmd line.

Then  I was wondering why the HP System Management was showing nothing. And the strange thing was also, that it showed no items and showed for model unknown like in the snapshot.



The solution was simple. You have to just install snmp through the cmd line (that is also working on a Hyper-V R2)

start /w ocsetup SNMP-SC

After that it was not done, because you have set up the SNMP correctly, for the HP System Management Tool.

The correct settings are, like in the screenshot.


After that I launched the System Management and it was working.


The next problem was, that in the “HP Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide” stands:

Enter the following text into the address field of the remote browser (where servername is the name
or IP address of the host):
The login screen for the System Management Homepage opens.

Click Array Configuration Utility on the left side of the screen.

I couldn’t see the configuration utility, just information about the array.  The next idea was to configure the Array through the ACU CLI, which is a part of the HP Smart Array utility. It is located under

C:\Program Files (x86)\Compaq\Hpacucli\Bin>hpacucli.exe

But I was running into the next problem (another instancte of ACU is running). That is because the HP ACU could also run as service. So deactivating is helping out (I mean it makes also no sense, because you cannot run the graphical interface of the ACU, because several DLLs and other parts are missing in the Hyper-V R2 Server) You can find that under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Compaq\Cpqacuxe\Bin>setup.exe

After that I was almost done. Just creating the array with the console. Started again the hpacucli.exe and identifying the controller slot with the that command:

ctrl all show status

Then just for sure showing the status of the Smart Array with:

ctrl slot=0 pd all show

The output was:


Finally just typing the command to create the array:

ctrl slot=0 create type=ld drives=allunassigned

And least I checked if everything was fine.


So happy creating Arrays. Cooles Smiley