I just wanted to document what I have been reading on another site.

AD Connector:
Active Directory SID
NetBIOS Computer Name
NetBIOS Domain Name
DNS Name
Display Name
Principal Name

Directory Site (but always sets it to blank!)
*To be added in SP1* – Operating System Version and Display Name

SCCM Connector:
Last Inventory Date
Active Directory Site
Offset In Minutes From Greenwich Time
Runs Windows Computer
Hosts Windows Logical Hardware
Has Software Installed
Has Software Update Installed
Hardware Identifier
SMBIOS Asset Tag
System Type
Chassis Type
Number of Processors
Serial Number

SCOM Connector:
Organisational Unit (AD OU)
Network Name
IP Address
DNS Forest Name
NetBIOS Computer Name
Virtual Machine (True/False)
Logical Processors
DNS Domain Name
Hosts Windows Computer Role
Hosts System Center Licence
Hosts Windows Local Application