Today I was testing the Email notification from the new SCOM 2012 RC. I am writing a short “How To” for the email notification testing. I assume, that you have successfull activated under Administration (Channels, Subscribers and Subscriptions).

Step 1: Create a VBS, that will log an event in the event log.


Set objSh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") ‘Write entry to the Application event log objSh.LogEvent 4, "Operations Manager 2012 test event log entry written successfully." & chr(13)

When you run that on a Server or Client you will find under Application the following:

Event Source: WSH
Event Category: None
Event ID: 4
Date: date
Time: time
Type: Information
User: N/A
Computer: ServerName
Description: Operations Manager 2012 test event log entry written successfully.

Step 2: Create an alert rule triggered by the event ID 4 and event source WSH from the task.

  • First step is going to Authoring in the SCOM console and creating a new rule.


  • Second step is to select the NT Event Log (Alert).


  • Then select destination management pack, leave Default and click Next.
  • After that define which computer are involved, so just look for All Windows Computers.


  • For the last point please fill in for the Evend ID “4” and for the Event Source “WSH”.


Step 3: Subscribe to the alert.


Finally you should get similar to our SCOM for Email notifications.


Happy SCOM 2012. Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund